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chao on fire


inanimate objects
Grand Blanc
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you may ask, 'what the fuck does this all even MEAN?'

remember back when something or other happened in whateveristan and yassir arafat died?

for the following MONTH every goddamned newspaper had a political cartoon with some comically drawn image or morbid horror with the words 'ARAFAT'S LEGACY' printed on it.

a pile of skulls that have 'ARAFAT'S LEGACY' on them.

a row of firearms that says 'ARAFAT'S LEGACY' under it.

a burning heap of corpses with 'ARAFAT'S LEGACY' in the flames.

obviously, then, the secret to making successful and biting social commentary in a political cartoon is take take a random object and write the name of a pertient issue on it! Imagine, a mailbox screaming 'social reform!' a basketball that says 'diversified portfolios!' batman falling into a canyon on the moon while screaming 'inevitable cure for cancer!'

It all starts here, really. Chao aren't just the tiny a-life critters from the sonic adventure games.

No, what's most important is that chao are completely impertinent to any real-life issues. and hilarious. Or at least I can say that they are.

So there you have it. Join, and laugh about things that should not be funny. I encourage twisted attempts to relate legitimate sociological and philosophical concepts using chao and/or ridiculous illustration.

Even better, see if you can put chao in it. They're funny, dammit.